Please make sure that all the information entered into the address section is accurate and if abbreviations or spaces are needed please make sure that is done. You will usually receive your items 2-5 business days from the shipping date, not necessarily the order date. The delivery date is an estimate on how long the package will take to be delivered, we are not responsible for any delayed packages. 

All orders ship from United States, California. 

Please make sure to contact the United States Postal service if your package says delivered but you have not received it. Luna Loft is not responsible for lost or missing packages that state they have been delivered. Also shipping costs are non-refundable.

International Shipping: 

Shipping rates may vary by what country you live in and additional fees may be added after the package is received in some countries. Luna Loft is not responsible for those additional costs. Shipping may take up to 30 days.